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FMS Students Combined Music and Science to Design Instruments

May 16, 2019
Students at FMS were given the task of decoding (deciphering with their ears) familiar folk tunes or songs from music class using the xylophone. They then notated their song and performed them for the class on the xylophone.

After students completed their energy unit for science, they were introduced to Scratch, a coding website. They explored materials in the STEM lab that were conductors or insulators of electricity and explored completing a circuit using a Makey Makey (an electronic invention kit). Students could then write a program using Scratch to make their Chromebook play a sound when a specific key was pressed.

The students then designed instruments out of recycled materials that could play between two and five different notes programmed in Scratch and then when connected to the Makey Makey and their Chromebook, could play many different songs.