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New Initiative Provides Each EHS Student With a Chromebook

September 12, 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions
Essex High School kicked off the 2019-2020 school year by rolling out a new initiative with the goal of providing computer access to every student. Just as EHS issues textbooks to all learners, this new 1:1 program will provide each student with a Chromebook as well. 


Computers are a vital tool for student learning in high school and EHS is providing these Chromebooks to support academic work both at school and also at home. All middle school students in the EWSD already have a device assigned to them individually, but with this addition, students will now have computer access throughout their time in the District.


“This is the culmination of a nine-year process,” said EWSD Executive Director of Technology Vince Gonillo. “Chromebooks have been in use at EHS during this time and now each learner will have one. This project keeps the needs of the learner at the forefront, has a positive long term effect on the budget, and highlights the amazing collaboration of the EHS administration and staff, library department, and the technology department.” 


EHS uses an online learning environment (Google and other resources) through which students access assignments, activities, resources, and some textbooks necessary to complete their school work. Even if students do not have access to the internet at home, offline-ready apps are available on the Chromebooks and will sync once connected again.


Students may be required to turn in their Chromebooks at the end of the school year and if so, they will be able to pick them back up at orientation or during the first few days of school each August. To encourage students to take care of their Chromebooks, they will remain with the same student throughout their high school career.


“My hope is that greater access to computers when and where teachers need them, and for all students to have them at home or during off-hours, will make a big difference in the learning options for students," said Craig Donnan, EWSD Network Administrator and project manager for the initiative. 


The District hopes to allow current first-year students at EHS to take these devices with them upon graduation, provided that the budget allows.


Handing out Chromebooks to students at EHS