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Voices for Education Takeaways - 09.23.19

The EWSD Voices for Education (VFE) group met on Monday, September 23 to discuss working on a project with the EWSD Board to help elevate and empower student voice.

Key takeaways included: 

  • The group kicked off the meeting by revisiting the Voices for Education engagement goals, which were established in 2016, and will look to refine these at an upcoming meeting to make see if they need to be tweaked for sustainability purposes
  • VFE is looking to assist the EWSD Board with one of its goals around creating a sustainable and responsible system around elevating and empowering student voice in the District
  • Next steps in this process include figuring out who needs to be at the table to help create this, meet with the EHS Student Government, and reach out to middle schools

The next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on Monday, October 21 in the EHS Library.