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Spoken Word Poet Steven Willis Visits February 22

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois and now living in New York City, 25-year-old Steven Willis uses his creative writing background to embark on the daunting task of creatively articulating African American culture. With art heavily influenced by urban life, Steven mixes elements of hip-hop and performance with formal teachings of history and anthropology to help express his eclectic personal narrative. Willis began doing spoken word at the age of 15 as a participant of Louder Than A Bomb and has performed for the likes of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Olympic Track Gold Medalist Sonya Richards Ross. Willis is a contributing writer to the BreakBeat Poets Anthology, NYU’s National Council for Teachers of English Journal and Manhattanville College’s Graffiti Magazine (PDF), and is a two-time Individual World Poetry Slam finalist. He is currently a Mentor in Residence at Urban Word NYCWillis will perform for EHS and CTE students during Flex Block on Thursday, February 22, in the Library.