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Now Available: Light Therapy Lamps!

The Library has purchased five Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamps to circulate for one-week checkouts. 

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Light therapy can reset your body’s Circadian Rhythm, which helps you get a better night’s sleep and feel naturally awake and energized throughout the day. 

Benefits of Light Therapy

Benefits of Bright Light Therapy

  • Maintains a Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle -- Light keeps your internal clock on a healthy 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, helping you feel more awake during the day and to fall asleep better at night.
  • Improves Mood -- Using light to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm can have positive effects on your mood.
  • Helps Concentration -- Daytime exposure to bright light can suppress melatonin levels, decrease sleepiness, increase alertness, and improve performance.
  • Boosts Energy -- Bright light can improve alertness, fight fatigue, and reduce tiredness by stimulating the body's natural response to light.