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Nova letter



Team Nova is a unique and safe community of learners who strive to create a respectful and safe environment, work hard, and be accepting of everyone’s learning.  Nova members reach for the stars.


August, 2022

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to seventh grade!  We are very excited to welcome you to Team Nova and to get this school year up and running.  We had a busy summer planning for this coming school year.  We are looking forward to building a strong community on our team and at EMS.  The mission statement you see at the top of this letter was created by our former Nova students, we will be creating a new one with you the first month of school.  As a community, we will work together to ensure everyone is successful.


We look forward to a productive year and we hope you enjoy the last few days of summer!  If you have any questions, please contact us through email. 


Andrew Kasprisin (Science) -

Stacy Myers (Humanities) -

Clara Ripley (Math) -

Greg Mernick (Special Education)-

Teacher Bios

Andrew Kasprisin: Science

I am very excited for our upcoming year together.  This marks my ninth year at Essex Middle School.  I have a Bachelors in Science from the University of Vermont in Biochemistry and Nutrition.  I also did research in Human Physiology using fluorescence spectrometry. After a few years of doing research and working for a pharmaceutical company, I went back to get my Master’s Degree in Education so that I could teach. I started out teaching high school, but quickly found myself gravitating toward teaching middle school because of their energy and curiosity for learning.  Outside of the classroom, I like to run, be active, and add to my collection of minerals and fossils.  I also love to spend time with my wife and our 5 year old son Miles and newborn son Remy.


Stacy Myers: Humanities

Hello, Nova!  Hope you’re staying cool with lots of swimming and ice cream, and enjoying all of the other little treasures summer offers.  This will be my third year at EMS and I am beyond excited to see all of you!  I had always planned on teaching high school English, but after coaching field hockey with a very spirited group of middle schoolers, I was hooked.  I have been teaching middle school Language Arts for over twenty (yikes!) years.  I love being a part of helping middle schoolers figure out who they are and who they want to be through reading and writing.  I am always humbled and honored that they allow me into their lives.  I am a proud, born and raised Vermonter, but actually began my teaching career in the outskirts of Boston.  My husband and I moved back home when we started our family.  Before EMS, I spent the previous few years teaching at MVU in Swanton.  Our kiddos, Nate and Livi, will be freshmen in Colchester this year (double yikes!).  I love gardening, photography, cooking, skiing, yellow labs, reading, and spending time on the lake at our family’s little camp on Marble Island.  Can’t wait to see you all!


Clara Ripley: Math

I hope summer is giving you a great recharge so we can all start the school year strong and ready to do great things. I am in my eleventh year of teaching middle school math. I love teaching middle schoolers; they are so fun and unpredictable. I always tell people “I am not a teacher because I love math first, I am a teacher because I love kids first.” A passion of mine is to coach and play field hockey.  It’s a huge part of my life. At home, my family consists of my husband Parker, my five year old son Chester, my two year old son Tucker, my dog Jackson, and my two cats Callie and Jacob. My hobbies include field hockey, four wheeling, fishing, sugaring, hiking, and anything with my family and friends and being outdoors.