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EHS Senior Earns Global Recognition!

April 27, 2022
WCAX Story
Essex High School senior Anna Hall recently competed in the World Irish Dancing Championships in Belfast, Ireland! After finishing in first place in New England and #11 in the USA, Hall went on to place #31 in the world! 
Hall dances for one of the top Irish dance schools, which is in New York/Connecticut, and travels weekly for classes and competitions. Learn more about this super senior in a story that was featured on WCAX and in the short interview below: Anna Hall

Q.) At what age and how did you originally get into Irish Dance?
A.) I first saw Irish dance at a school assembly for Saint Patrick’s day in first grade! I then begged my parents for lessons and ended up getting them for my seventh birthday at the start of second grade! I loved it right away! 
Q.) How many hours do you practice a week? And is that year-round or are there certain times of the year that you increase your training?
A.) I usually attended about 10 hours of classes a week in addition to practicing on my own. There is practice and competitions all year round but the amount and intensity of training definitely increase approaching major competitions. 
Q.) How do you balance school and dancing?
A.) It can definitely be hard to balance school with my dance schedule, but I am lucky to have great relationships with my teachers who are very accommodating and do everything they can to help me succeed. I have definitely learned the importance of time management!
Q.) Have you competed at regionals before and if so, what was your best finish?
A.) This year was my seventh time competing at regionals. Prior to this year, the best I had placed was 16th. I however was able to use all of the time at home that COVID provided to train even harder! The Zoom opportunities that came with COVID also provided me with an amazing opportunity to train with a school out of NY/Connecticut! It was so exciting to hear that I actually won this year!! 
Q.) How did practicing over Zoom work and is it a lot different than in-person?
A.) Due to the fact that I live in Vermont and my dance school is in Connecticut, I still train on Zoom 2-3 times a week and then drive the 4.5 hours down to class to attend another three classes in person before heading back home. Training on Zoom has definitely worked well for me, but nothing can replace in-person teaching! Training at home and on Zoom, however, has taught me how important self-motivation and determination are!