Will everyone have to wear a mask?

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All staff and students will be required to wear facial coverings while in the school buildings, as well as outside where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Students who have a medical or behavioral reason for not wearing a facial covering should not be required to wear one and those decisions should be made in partnership with the health care provider and school nurse.


Facial coverings may be removed during outdoor activities where students and staff can maintain physical distancing and have ready access to put them back as needed when activity stops.


The use of clear facial shields for students and adults is allowable as long as they meet all of the health guidance of the Vermont Department of Health. Students will be provided a mask if they forget to bring one to school. Masks will be required to be worn in the classrooms. Students enrolling for in-person learning are expected to adhere to all public health and district guidelines, protocols, and procedures established at schools to create a safe and secure learning environment.


Children with documented allergies or well-controlled asthma do NOT require a medical clearance note from a healthcare provider to enter school. However, a child with a new diagnosis of asthma during the school year will require written confirmation from the student’s healthcare provider.


Our instruction on use of face coverings will rely on information shared with us by medical experts and state officials. Vermont has a mask mandate in place that we will follow and educate students about. The District will use instructional materials and information provided to us by VT Department of Heath and VT Agency of Education.