Why the 4x4 model at EHS?

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The 4x4 model was created by CVU, SBHS, EHS, MMU, and CHS principals, as well as other regional principals in June. It was brought to the regional superintendents as a way to provide our schools with in-person instruction in a safe and healthy way.  It allows teachers, especially at the largest high schools in Vermont, to not come in contact with as many students as they would in a regular AB schedule. It also allows students to have less interaction with other students. 


The 4x4 is another version of block scheduling. For those new to EHS, historically students participated in an A/B version of block scheduling, where they would choose up to eight courses spread across two days - four one day and four the next - and keep this schedule for the full year. In a 4x4 block schedule model students still have access to up to eight classes, with four taken for half the year, and another four the second half of the year. To make the transition more seamless, we are planning to use the A days for the first semester, and B days for second semester, as much as we can.