9/11 Update

Posted by Stacey Mead on 9/16/2020 9:25:00 PM

What a wonderful start to the year! It has been so rewarding to be with students again, even with all of the new procedures and rules! I hope your children had something positive to share with you at home about our first few days.

Here are a few updates:


Chromebooks: Chromebooks are to travel back and forth between home and school each day. Chargers stay at home. Please charge chromebooks at night. If chromebooks are shut down (rather than just closing the top), they will hold the battery longer. 


Seesaw: If you have not yet connected with your child’s Seesaw account, please do so. Starting the week of September 21st, I will be posting student assignments directly in Seesaw rather than emailing the plans to parents. Although the goal is for students to be independent with this online platform, we know that they are going to need support for a while with it. Here is a video introducing Seesaw from the student view. 


Dismissal: Buses and students walking/riding their bikes are now dismissed first, around 2:35. If you are meeting your child to walk or bike home with them, they will be on the far left side of the building, at the end of the second grade wing. All parent pick-ups (in cars), will still happen out front with classroom teachers, starting at 2:45.


Breakfast: Breakfast is available and offered to all students each day, free of charge. Please let me know if you do not want your child to eat the school-provided breakfast.


Communication: A majority of our communication will be through email this year. If you have not been receiving emails from me, please let me know so I can add you to our class email list. In an effort to build community across our cohorts, I would like to create a class contact list (emails). If you do not want me to share your email with the other families in class, please let me know. 


Prepare for the Weather: We are getting outside as much as possible (in addition to daily recess). Your child should also have an extra set of clothes - these can stay at school in their bin unless they are used and need to come home to be washed. 


Snack: Please send in a daily healthy snack and drink. This should be packed in a separate bag from your child’s lunch. We will have snack each morning between 9:30 and 10:00. Your child should also bring a water bottle (labeled with their name) to school each day.


Our Schedule: A paper copy of our schedule was sent home, and it is also posted on my class website. This first week was a blue week for specials, so next week will be a green week. 


Birthdays: Birthdays are a very special time and I am happy to have your child share their special day with our class if they choose! My hope is to have a connection from a special adult for the birthday student that can be shared with the class. This could be: 

  • a video with a short message
  • a video reading of a favorite book
  • a visit from a special adult in the school! 
  • any other ideas are welcome!

If your child has a summer birthday, they can choose when we celebrate this year:) Please reach out ahead of your child’s birthday to let me know how you would like us to recognize this day for them! 


Outside of School:

Your child should be exposed to reading every night. This can include you reading aloud to your child or them listening to an audio book. Your child will not receive weekly homework, however, I may periodically send home special projects throughout the year to work on together. Students will always have time in school to work on projects as well.


Please make sure your child has the following items each day:

*2 facemasks and small tupperware container to store their masks

*water bottle labeled with their name


*extra clothes in their backpack