02.04.21 CTE Budget Overview

The EWSD is deep in the heart of budget season! As part of that process, the board is provided with presentations that tell the story of how our investments are working to fulfill our vision: Growing hearts and minds, for a better today and tomorrow: every day, every way, every one.


The first presentation was an overview of the FY22 Proposed Budget (Jan. 26th, 2021). This week we had the opportunity to hear from Bob Travers, Director of the Center for Technical Education, Essex (CTE) and members of the Regional Advisory Board (RAB) about the incredible things happening in our center. 


As stated in their mission, CTE provides comprehensive technical programs for all students, which include career exploration, preparation and technical literacy in a respectful learning environment. I encourage you all to take the time to view this presentation to see how they do it! You will hear stories of transformation, opportunity, excitement, rigor and relevance. You will see videos of learning by doing while on virtual tours of each of CTE’s award winning programs. You will see creative, engaged and motivated learners and will hear success stories from alumni whose lives were made better by their choice to attend CTE. We are so lucky to have CTE in our community and applaud them for all their hard work. 

As a reminder, all board presentations can be found by clicking the red BUDGET button at EWSD.org 

Liz Subin, EWSD Board Clerk