Apple Darlin's

Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/28/2021


Spontaneity is a MUST every once in a while. We've spent a lot of time learning how to persevere, how to learn from our mistakes, how to ask for help and how to change unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts. Today we took part in a (very spontaneous) cooking project. Each child made their very own mini apple pie. The task was not that easy for second grade little hands. I sat back, listened and watched as students encouraged one another to complete the task. Many noticed how helpful thoughts, ("I can do this!") got the job done and how unhelpful thoughts, ("I give up,") were easy to change. I am so impressed by the way these children continue to help one another to set and accomplish goals. And, in the end, each child had a special treat to enjoy before the end of the school day. Ask your child about this amazing experience.  If you would like to try this fairly simple, (and delicious) recipe at home, click here for the recipe.