Help the EWSD Shape the Direction of Our Educational System!

September 22, 2022

The Essex Westford School District is leading the way in making 21st-century learning a reality for all students. We are seeking diverse perspectives from our students, families, staff, and the broader community in developing a Portrait of a Graduate. This will serve as a framework for helping us achieve our EWSD vision - Growing hearts and minds, for a better today and tomorrow, every day, every way, every one.    


Now more than ever, our students must be provided high-level learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st-century skills and mindsets. Our shared aspiration is that all our students have an educational experience that prepares them to be lifelong learners and contributors today and tomorrow. 


We want our Portrait of a Graduate to be locally developed and globally positioned. I hope you will bring your voice and unique perspective to this collaborative process.  


Over the next few months, the Portrait Design Team will explore the following questions: 

  • What are our community's hopes, dreams, and aspirations for our students? 
  • What skills and mindsets do our students need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world? 
  • What are the learning experiences we want our students to experience? 


Save these dates!
Our Portrait Design Team will meet in person four times to design the Portrait of a Graduate, and each meeting builds upon the other: 

  • Meeting 1: October 19 (6-8:30 p.m.) in the Essex High School Cafeteria
  • Meeting 2: November 9 (6-8 p.m.) in the Essex High School Cafeteria
  • Meeting 3: December 14 (6-8 p.m.) in the Essex High School Cafeteria
  • Meeting 4: January 11, 2023 (6- 8 p.m.) virtual 


Here are a few resources you may wish to review in preparation for our time together:

  • (sample portraits): See how school systems across the country have engaged their larger community in developing a shared framework for students 
  • The Future of Work (Short Video) Are we preparing kids for their futures?




Beth Cobb
EWSD Superintendent