Traffic Concerns At Fleming

school busTraffic Concerns At Fleming

Parents, we need your help!

Traffic is starting to get worse here at Fleming, and we are trying hard to keep the flow moving, so everyone can get in and out as quickly as possible.


PLEASE do not use the front loop in the morning before 8 am to drop your students. We have been getting some complaints from busing that this is making it difficult on them to pull in. PLEASE go behind the building and pull up to the sidewalk to drop students off.


We need to continue using two lanes in the back of the building to allow all cars to fit and not block traffic on prospect street.

PLEASE do not park on the left-hand side of the road below Summit St. This makes it near impossible for the buses to fit through. Essex PD was here this week addressing this issue, but wanted to let people know not to park there.

Thank you for your continued support!