Voices for Education Takeaways - 10.15.18

The EWSD Voices for Education (VFE) group met on Monday, October 15 to discuss outreach efforts for the community summit that it will be hosting on Saturday, December 1.

Key takeaways from the meeting included:

  • VFE is looking to recruit 20 facilitators (10 students and 10 adults) to help lead discussions at the summit
    • If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please contact Ben Dickie (bdickie@ewsd.org) for more information
  • The group talked about trying to bring in a diverse cross-section of the community as participants for the event and came up with a list of organizations that it wanted to connect with to help make this happen
  • Outreach avenues and important talking points were then highlighted to help spread the word
  • Upcoming dates:
    • Saturday, November 3 - Facilitator Training
    • Saturday, December 1 - Community Summit