Mrs. Hall's Classroom Newsletter: April 16, 2021

Hi Families,

Spring vacation is here! We will not be taking chrome books home for vacation. I encourage boys and girls to enjoy their vacation being outside when they can, reading books and magazines, playing games with family and friends and continuing to practice addition and subtraction problems to 20 and beyond. Mrs. Wright has checked out library books for students to have over vacation as well.


Boys and girls are doing a great job reading. The are picking out just right books and reading for longer periods of time. They are developing reading stamina! We continue to read the Thornton Burgess chapter books. We are reading and talking about the chapters. We are able to have great conversations about the characters in the stories. They are better understanding what may happen next using what they know and have experienced. Keep reading at home over break daily if you can. Reading practice is paying off.


Our math unit is 100 and beyond. We are working on understanding place value with in the range of 0-120. Boys and girls worked with sort bags to count and group items to 120. Our strategy we are using most efficiently is grouping into 10s and 1s. We then can represent the sorts writing the number. We continue to use models, sketches and numbers to add and subtract up to 120. 


We continue the engineering process, building structures, moving them and sketching them. As the weather gets warmer there is so much to do outside. Explore, observe and record or sketch your findings. You can build many things in nature!

Have a great vacation!

Love, Mrs. Hall