Board Takeaways - 05.14.19

The EWSD board met on May 14 for its second meeting of the month. Highlights of the meeting included:

Student Presentations

  • The Board heard first from two Essex High School juniors who accompanied Rob Reardon, EHS Principal, to report on their Senior Privilege initiative. The juniors, Drew Riester and Kayla Adiang, had researched open and closed campus policies of neighboring schools and learned about the history of junior and senior privileges at EHS. Based on their findings and consultation with legal counsel, EHS administration has decided to permit senior students in good standing to leave and return to campus at any time they do not have a scheduled class or advisory if parents have signed a waiver. CTE seniors would be able to leave for their lunch period. The policy for junior students will remain as it currently stands (they may arrive after 1/2 block or leave before 7/8 block if they have study hall at those times, but it is a closed campus for periods 3 through 6).

  • Next, two Westford School eighth-graders presented a petition to fly the LGBTQ Pride flag on the Westford School flagpole. They explained the rationale for their request and received Board approval to fly the flag until the end of the school year.
  • Student representative to the Board Laura Printon gave a presentation later in the meeting on the Board goal “To plan for intentional opportunities to bring the student voice to the board work through our student board members.” Recommended areas of focus for next year included gaining clarity around the role of student board reps and establishing more consistent meetings between the reps and the superintendent.


Board Task Team Reorganization

  • The other highlight of the meeting was the assignment of Board members to subcommittees for 2019-2020. Committees included Governance, Communication & Engagement, Negotiations, and Long Term Planning Facilities. Representatives were also appointed to the Regional Advisory Board for Technical Education, which oversees CTE and the Burlington Tech Center, and to the CTE Corporation.

  • Some of the task teams were new. Governance will begin its work of researching, analyzing, and reporting on potential board governance structures this month and will receive its formal charge from the board at the June 4 meeting. Long Term Planning Facilities will begin work at a later date.


Please note that the next Board meeting will occur on June 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Essex High School library.