Board Takeaways - 08.06.19 and 08.20.19

The EWSD board met on August 6 and 20. Highlights of the meetings included:


At the August 6 meeting, EWSD leadership was able to report that sufficient bus drivers were confirmed to allow the implementation of the full plan to implement busing throughout the District. Transportation officials planned to host an informational meeting on August 13 at the EHS auditorium and will be present at open houses at each of the schools in order to answer questions. All sorts of info, including upcoming open houses, can be found on the District website.


Tax Rates
District COO Brian Donahue reported at the August 6 meeting on the finalized tax rate information for the year, with comparisons to rates from the prior five years. By many measures, tax rates are down a small amount over this period, with minor real increases entirely based on the increase in the Common Level of Appraisal (CLA). To understand more about Vermont education taxes and the role of the CLA, visit this page.


The August 20 meeting featured several introductions. The Board got to meet its new student member, Tilly Krishna. Superintendent Beth Cobb also introduced the Interim Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Jackie Ramsay-Tolman. The Board got to hear about staff activities that Jackie has already coordinated since joining the District at the beginning of July.


Social-Emotional Learning
During the FY ‘19-’20 budgeting process, the District made a commitment to invest in social and emotional learning for District students. Dylan McNamara, the District’s Director of Social & Emotional Learning and Wellness, gave a presentation outlining the research behind the decision as well as steps the District has taken so far to make this priority a reality. 


The next regular board meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 3, at 6:30 p.m. in the Essex High School Library.