Student attendance & end of day plan change reminder There are many ways to cont


Student attendance & End of day plan change reminder:

There are many ways to contact us regarding the attendance or changes to your students end of day plan...Please remember to contact Michelle in case your student's teacher is absent and/or doesn't have time to check their email.

You can call the Attendance line at 802-857-7007 (for Attendance only), call Michelle at 802-878-1384, or email Michelle at

There is also the Report an Absence button on this Hiawatha website.

If you contact your student's teacher through SeeSaw regarding a change of plan in your student's day or attendance PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTACT MICHELLE ALSO.


You need to contact Michelle before 2:00 PM (1PM on Wednesdays) if you have a change in your child's after school plan on any given day.