Winter Clothing Reminder

Winter Clothing Remindersnow

During the winter months, please send your student to school with:

  • hat
  • pair of gloves or mittens
  • coat
  • snow pants
  • boots
  • change of clothes

If students do not have boots and snow pants, they will need to stay on paved areas of the playground during recess. This is done to keep them dry.

Also, please pack shoes for your student to wear inside the school building.  Wearing wet snow boots is not only uncomfortable but makes for wet floors, which can lead to injury.

Learn more at Nurse Reyna's blog at the Health Office page.

 Boots Need Winter Clothing Items? 

 If you need assistance with obtaining winter gear, please contact Nurse Reyna or Mrs. Grykien.
 Health Office: (802) 857-7740.