Remote Grading

Remote Grading 

  1. In order to maximize equity and opportunity, the letter grade that students earned before the remote learning phase began, is maintained or improved and does NOT decrease.

  2. Friday, May 15 is the deadline for any student who needs to make up work for Quarter 3.

  3. Friday, May 15 is the last day that seniors can improve their Quarter 3 grade for Latin Honors recognition.  This refers to INC grades, for full year courses, in Q3.

  4. To provide incentive and motivation for students:  If a student earns a PASS and remains engaged with attendance through the end of the course, the F1 (final) grade for full year courses will increase by a mark.  For example:  a C increases to a C+ or a B+ increases to an A-.  It should be noted that an F does NOT automatically increase to a D-.

  5. The final grade for second semester courses remains either a PASS or INC.


A reminder that in this pandemic, we calculated a traditional grade for full year courses at the end of Quarter 3, which was March 13, with the following breakdown:

Q1 (30%), Q2 (30%), Q3 (30%), Midterm Exam (10%)