Upcoming Biking Unit

Upcoming Biking Unit Photo

We will be starting a two week biking unit in Physical Education class beginning on Monday, October 23rd.  Over the summer we applied to receive a trailer full of bikes as part of the Kohl’s Kids Bike Smart program.  The secure trailer is filled with 45 kid’s bikes and all of the needed equipment, including helmets.  There are two trailers that service the entire state and we’re very fortunate that Founders Memorial School was one of the few schools selected.  

Students are encouraged to bring their own helmets and bikes.  We understand that the logistics required to get the bikes to school in the morning are tricky.  We will be able to store student’s helmets and bikes for the two weeks at school.  You may drop off your students bike in the mornings behind the Bike Smart trailer which will be parked on the grass in front of the school between the side gym entrance and the cafeteria entrance.  Bikes that are being picked up will be put here as well.  Each afternoon, any bikes that are staying will be locked in the trailer for the night.  

Also, as a reminder, please make sure students come with appropriate footwear for riding in the form of sneakers or other closed-toe shoes.  There are plenty of helmets with the trailer if students do not have one and it is required that they be worn.

Please feel free to contact us at ebowker@ewsd.org or chall@ewsd.org with any questions or concerns.  If your child is currently not able to ride a bicycle or is apprehensive and has concerns, please let us know and we can arrange for some additional supports and accommodations to help ensure success.

A form went home with students last week with much of the information above.  Here is a link to a google form that you can fill out and submit if you were unable to return the paper copy.