Superintendent Report - September

September 11, 2018

Dear families and guardians,


This year I will be providing monthly updates on the happenings that are taking place within the District to help keep you and our communities informed.


On September 4, we held our first collaborative Tuesday of the year. School-based Professional Learning Communities (PLC) will meet three times per month during this slot, while there will be a District-wide PLC once a month. PLCs are tied into the District-wide Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP), which we use as a structure to help achieve equity. Our vision and aligned goals provide meaning for our PLCs and gives us a sense of everyone working together for the success of our students.


As a District we believe that each of our learners is unique and brings multiple talents and skills to the table. With that, Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) will be fully implemented in grades 6-12 this fall. Act 77, through the use of PLPs, sets forth the mechanism to allow these interests to become part of each student’s learning pathway.


We are exploring the many ways that personalization and goal setting can be a part of the EWSD student experience. Our District now has the ability for these plans to move seamlessly from the middle level to high school. Teachers will be working with students to create academic/personal goals, design action steps to achieve these goals, and introduce reflection as a means to monitor goals, and revision techniques for adding to or creating brand-new goals when necessary.


Also, all students at EHS will take the American College Test (ACT) free of charge this school year. The ACT measures college readiness and is a standardized test that covers five areas: math, English, reading, writing, and science.

Beth Cobb
EWSD Superintendent