Superintendent Report - December

I thought it would be beneficial as we approach budget season to refresh our memories of the work our district is committed to ...

Our Shared Vision: Growing hearts and minds for a better today and tomorrow: every day, every way, every one.

Broad areas of Focus: Equity is our focus. Examining a three-year trend in state assessment data while student achievement in EWSD schools continues to yield high results in regard to state average, our trend line is flat in most areas, and we continue to experience challenges in regard to reducing achievement gaps based on disabilities, poverty, gender, race, and English Language proficiency. This Continuous Improvement Plan is organized around the research-based Building Equity Taxonomy provided in Building Equity: Policies and Practices to Empower All Learners (Smith, Frey, Pumpian, & Fisher, 2017, p.5).  

Odds and Ends:

  • On December 10, for the first time our seventh and eighth grade students and staff, across all three of our middle schools, gathered to hear a very powerful message. They congregated to hear “Ryan’s Story.” Ryan was a student at ADL who committed suicide in 2003. His father, John Halligan, travels the world sharing Ryan’s Story and his powerful message. In the evening, I joined our three middle principals and about 60 parents to hear John’s presentation. John’s message to the adults was on the lessons learned. He strongly feels, and I agree, our youth should not have an iPhone until they graduate from eighth grade. John was influential in creating Vermont's Bully Prevention Law - ACT 117. Please visit John’s website if you are interested in seeing his advice to parents.  
  • Five ADL students presented a lesson on bias and discrimination to a UVM class and engaged the students in a meaningful discussion about bias and discrimination and promoting a healthy school environment.