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Pre-K Lottery Open for 2022-23

  • EWSD is now accepting registration requests for prekindergarten enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year. Space is limited in our pre-K classrooms and placement is determined by a lottery drawing. The window to submit a registration request will be open until Friday February 25th. Please click on the "Pre-K Lottery Form" button to submit a pre-K registration request.

    Pre-K Lottery Form


  • Hello Hiawatha families,

    As many of you know, it has been a busy couple of weeks dealing with many COVID situations in our community.  Due to the increase in COVID transmission and a new Vermont Agency of Education directive on prevention and mitigation strategies for our schools,  I wanted to write you a school-specific update.

    We are entering a new phase in our response to the pandemic.  If you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage you to read the EWSD Communication:  COVID Testing Update that was released yesterday.

    Here are some of the takeaways from our shift in response:

    Let’s start with what has NOT changed:

    • Your student should not come to school sick.  Regardless of vaccination status and COVID status, students and staff should not be in school with symptoms.
    • If a student becomes sick during the school day, they will need to go home.
    • If your student has tested positive for COVID, keep them home from school and contact me.  I will help you with isolation timelines and answer any questions you may have.


    • When there is a COVID positive student or staff member, we will not contact trace.  Instead, classmates will be identified as ‘presumptive contacts’.
    • Each evening, at 5pm, there will be an EWSD email listing positive COVID cases that were in school while infectious. 
      • The communication will list the last date the individual was in school, while infectious.
      • The classroom teacher’s name will be listed, as well.
    • If you notice your student’s classroom teacher is listed where there was an exposure, you should click on this link.
      • If your student was a presumptive contact and you would like to receive COVID antigen tests, you should complete this form to request antigen tests.  
      • Please only complete this form if your student is a presumptive contact.
      • Please complete this form each time you would like to request more tests; again, only complete it if your student was identified as a presumptive contact.
      • If you are unable to access the form, you can call me at 802-857-7740 or email me at to request a test kit.
      • I will make sure tests and recommendations on testing dates, based on your student’s exposure, are placed in your student’s backpack the next day school is in session.  

    Please contact me if you need testing kits for illness and community exposure.  Once supplies are more robust, I will be able to distribute them more liberally for these reasons and for in-home exposures, as well.

    I appreciate the effort we have all put into keeping our community healthy and safe over the past couple of years.  I know this pandemic has taken its toll on all of us.  I look forward to brighter days ahead.

    Thank you,

    Nurse Reyna

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  • __________________________________________________________________________________________




    Jan. 28th - No RED Bus

    Feb. 9th -  No GREEN/BLUE bus

    Feb. 16th - No RED bus

    March 9th - No GREEN/BLUE bus

    March 16th - No RED bus

    March 30th - No GREEN/BLUE bus


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  • Cold Weather Clothing Remindersnow

    During the Winter months, please remember to send your student to school every day with:

    • hat
    • pair of gloves or mittens
    • coat
    • snow pants
    • boots
    • change of clothes
    • indoor shoes

    If students do not have boots and snow pants, they will need to stay on paved areas of the playground during recess. This is done to keep them dry.

    Please pack indoor shoes for your student to wear inside the school building.  Wearing wet snow boots is not only uncomfortable but makes for wet floors, which can lead to injury.

    Learn more at Nurse Reyna's blog at the Health Office page.

     Boots Need Winter Clothing Items? 

     If you need assistance with obtaining winter gear, please contact Nurse Reyna or Mrs. Grykien.
     Health Office: (802) 857-7740.


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  • Reporting an Absence, Late Arrival, or Change in After School Plans

    There are many ways to contact us regarding your student's attendance. You can call the Attendance line at 802-857-7007 (for Attendance only), call Michelle at 802-878-1384, email Michelle at or go directly to our website and click on the Report an Absence button.

    If you need to make a change to your child’s after school plan, please contact Michelle directly  before 2:00 PM (1PM on Wednesdays)  on any given day.

    If you contact your student's teacher through SeeSaw or any other means regarding a change of plan in your student's day or attendance PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTACT MICHELLE ALSO.


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