Universal Pre-K/Act 166 Funding

Act 166 funding covers 10 hours/week of tuition reimbursement for qualified, community-based, private prekindergarten programs.

There are four criteria for receiving Act 166 funds through the Essex Westford School District:

  1. You are a resident of Essex Junction, Essex, or Westford

  2. Your child is at least 3 years old on September 1st

  3. You have completed the EWSD registration process for your child

  4. Your child is enrolled in an Act 166-qualified prekindergarten program

You must register your child with your school district of residence in order to access Act 166 funds. If you move residences, you must promptly register with your new district of residence in order to continue accessing Act 166 funds.

If your child currently receives Act 166 through EWSD, you do not need to re-apply for funding for next school year. The district will carry over your registration.