Resources for Teachers/Professional Staff

Why Equity & Inclusion? Getting Started.

Local and National Resources

  • Black History Month Library

    An extensive library of resources pertaining to Black History and related topics. The library contains folders with readings on prominent leaders and culturally-relevant issues, such as Afro-Futurism, Black Music, and Radical Women in the Black Freedom Struggle. 

  • February Resources to Celebrate Black History Month (Vermont PBS)

    Celebrate Black History Month with resources from PBS Parents and PBS Learning Media. Other topics of interest include social emotional learning for students and teachers, being outside, current events, and climate change.

    Plus, check out the research report about how Molly of Denali can help teach children to use and create informational text. Check the webpage often to find new featured resources related to monthly themes and organized by grade-band and subject area.

  • Learning for Justice

    This site includes classroom and professional development resources (including webinars) about a broad swath of topics pertaining to equity and inclusion, including: ability, class, and gender and sexual idenity.

  • Straight Talk About the N-Word (Learning From Justice Article)

    An interview from Learning from Justice with Arizona State University Professor Neal A. Lester on the courses that he has taught about the n-word. 

  • Vermont-NEA Racial Justice Taskforce

    The Vermont-NEA Racial Justice Task Force was established in 2015 as a response to the National Education Association’s initiative to eradicate institutional racism in our nation’s public schools. The Task Force is composed of representatives of Vermont’s education agencies, legislators and government agency representatives, school employees, parents, and students from around the state.

  • Racial Justice in Education Resource Guide (NEA)

    "NEA's Racial Justice in Education Resource Guide includes tools & resources for creating the space in your classroom to talk about race, racial equity assessments, strategic planning, and more."

  • An Exploration Of How The Black American And Black Immigrant Experiences Differ (Forbes Article)

    "This article seeks to explore three important differences within the Black American experience, while unpacking how these differences have led to discord. Supporting Black people requires an understanding of the unique barriers that different Black communities face, in order to develop support systems and interventions to reduce and repair the harms experienced. (Forbes, February 2022)

  • Equity Literacy Institute

    Learning to be a threat to inequity in our spheres of influence.

    The ELI offers professional training and learning, visioning and strategic planning and coaching and leadership support. Their site has links to offerings about how one can read, learn, join and engage in equity efforts.

  • Great Schools Partnership

    The Great Schools Partnerships works "to redesign public education and improve learning for all students."

    The Great Schools Partnerships site has links to resources about Proficiency-Based Learning, Transferable Skills, and Effective Instruction. You can access a full archive of their newsletters and webinars on their website.

  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Educator Resources and Lesson Plans

    Share My Lesson features an extensive list of free LGBTQIA+ inclusive educator resources separated into Pre-K and Elementary and Middle and High School categories. The site includes blog posts, lessons, and webinar recording links.

  • Choices Program - LGBTQIA+ Resources for Teachers and Schools (Brown University)

    The Choices Program website includes resources for those people looking to learn more about allyship for members of the transgender community. The site also contains lesson plans for educators and information for students seeking information about gender identity.

  • Racial Equity Tools

    An expansive asortment of tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working for racial justice at every level. 

  • Zinn Education Project (Middle/High School Resource)

    The Zinn Education Project site includes downloadable lesson plans and articles organized by theme, time period and reading level for middle and high school instructors. The materials are based on the history that is explored in Howard Zinn's best-selling book, A People's History of the United States.

  • 40 Young Adult Books Showcasing Diverse Disability Representation

    This list from Epic Reads highlights not only stories about people who have physical disabilities, but it includes titles with characters who experience different types of learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, physical impairments, and psychological disorders. Most importantly, the books on this list "portray disability representation with complexity, humor, and honesty."

  • Diversifying the Educator Workforce: A Call to Action for Leaders (NE Secondary School Consortium)


    This report presents the research, strategies, and real-life examples leaders need to make change in their schools and districts.

  • Responding to Hate and Bias at School (Learning for Justice)

    This guide is broken into three sections: Before a Crisis Occurs, When There's a Crisis and After the Worst is Over. The Appendix includes worksheets for administrators and teachers to use when reflecting on the climate of their schools and moving toward policy implrmentation.

  • Vermont PBS Kids and Education Page

    Month by month subject area and grade band recommendations from Vermont PBS. Online and printable materials.